5 Tips to Boost Your Energy

1. Sleep in 1.5 hr multiples/intervals (ask about REM cycle)

Your Rapid Eye Movement(REM) Cycles last about 1.5 hrs long. The first and last 15 minutes area light sleep. This is when we can hear more of our environment, get up to use the bathroom or get water.

The hour in between is when we are in a deep sleep. When you wake up in the deep sleep phase, you feel groggy, cranky and it takes some time to get into the day. When we wake up in a light sleep, we feel more fresh and energized.

So if you sleep for 8 hours try taking it to 9 or down to 7.5 hrs. If you can only nap for a few hours make it 3 hrs instead of 4 hrs.

2. Do mobility work(stretching/foam rolling) before you sleep