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5 Tips to Boost Your Energy

1. Sleep in 1.5 hr multiples/intervals (ask about REM cycle)

Your Rapid Eye Movement(REM) Cycles last about 1.5 hrs long. The first and last 15 minutes area light sleep. This is when we can hear more of our environment, get up to use the bathroom or get water.

The hour in between is when we are in a deep sleep. When you wake up in the deep sleep phase, you feel groggy, cranky and it takes some time to get into the day. When we wake up in a light sleep, we feel more fresh and energized.

So if you sleep for 8 hours try taking it to 9 or down to 7.5 hrs. If you can only nap for a few hours make it 3 hrs instead of 4 hrs.

2. Do mobility work(stretching/foam rolling) before you sleep

Our bodies want to repair when we sleep. In order to repair we need blood to flow to the tissues with good nutrients and flow out with the waste.

When we can't get good blood flow to tissues, we don't repair well over night.

Mobility work(foam rolling and stretching) help restore proper blood flow. If we can mobilize in the 1-2 hrs before we sleep, we can give our body the best chance to repair damaged tissue.

3. Add in some butter or coconut oil to your morning coffee

Because its tasty...and fat is a much more dense form of energy than the bagel, toast, fruit, or morning cereal most of us have every morning.

4. Establish a five minute movement routine in the morning

This does not have to be strenuous! Remember warming up in PE back in grade school?

Jumping jacks, cherry pickers, side bends, side twists, air squats, lunges.

Yoga and stretching work too ;)

Do them for five minutes every morning as soon as you wake up.

5. Drink WATER!!! (no additives)

Ideally a 1/2 an ounce per pound of body weight. And this does not include: diet sodas, flavored water, additives like sodium, artificial sweetners etc.

Just water. Replenish your system with what its made the most of: Water, protein, and fat.

One glass of room temp water in the morning before you eat, a few thru out the day, and another glass before your dinner.

If you find yourself needing to pee a lot...add a tiny pinch of sea salt to one glass a day to help you retain it rather than drain it.

Im always happy to answer any questions! email me at or ask me in the office.

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