10 Ways to Reverse the Damage of Sitting

1. Stop Sitting

2. Stop Sitting

3. Stop Sitting

4. Stop Sitting

5. Stop Sitting

6. Stop Sitting

7. Stop Sitting

8. Stop Sitting

9. Stop Sitting

10. Stop Sitting

Although that would be the most effective solution...it's not very realistic in today's lifestyle.

The butt, core (lowback, obliques, abs), midsection, hips of the human body are not meant to be weight bearing areas, they are meant for dynamic motion. Using them as weight bearing joints teaches the body to stop moving those areas. This is a big contributing factor as to why most people have issues engaging muscles/losing weight in those areas. So if we have to sit how can we help ourselves?

1. Use a chair that fits you!!!

Most look for large, powerful "captain" chairs. Although they may look intimidating they lack a lot of function despite the numerous adjustments that can be made. Make sure the seat pad is large enough to carry your derrière but small enough to allow your knees to comfortably keep your knee angle at 90 degrees.