Most People Have No Idea How Good the Human Body is Designed to FEEL!

“Losing weight is HARD. Keeping the weight off is HARDER.”

Was my original mentality when it came to getting healthy. In our society, we are told by every angle what we SHOULD be doing. What we should be eating, how we should look, how we should be working out, how much we should weigh according to our height! It seems like it never stops. We miss the fact that when you are moving and eating healthy, the muscles we want or the magic number we are looking for on that dreaded bathroom scale, start to appear. I’m here to share my story.

“Get healthy and you will lose weight/gain muscle…not the other way around. “

The moment I started to really understand this FACT, my life and body have been changing for the better. I’m sleeping easier, am less anxious, less irritated, less STRESSED, eating less (No, not because im starving myself), shedding fat, and gaining muscles I wasn’t even aware I knew I had! Ok the last one’s a lie, I knew those muscles were there, I just never FELT them.

There were some main components I can attribute this to: Exercise, Nutrition, and Wellness care. Yea yea we’ve seen those things before but not like this. I will emphasize the exercise in a minute but to give a little background on my experience with “Health”.