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Inflammation, pH, and Cancer

We now are finding out that people with chronic problems- from Fibromyalgia to heart disease – all have one thing in common. Their body’s environment is in an acidic state. What does that actually mean?

For those of us who are unfamiliar with the pH scale, it stands for potential hydrogen. Hydrogen itself is considered an acidic ion, based on its charge. The more hydrogen in the system the more acidic the environment. The pH scale runs from 1-14, with the 1 being most acidic and the 14 being the most basic or alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral. Our blood should normally be around a pH of 7.3.

A lot of processed foods, whether they be natural or unnatural, cause our body to dive into an acidic state. Why you ask? because they contain toxins the human body cannot handle. Let’s define what I mean by toxin: A substance, synthetic or natural, that is foreign to the human body’s evolutionary system and cannot be properly digested or disposed of. So yea that includes tar and the other 598 chemicals found in cigarettes, but it also includes:

  • Pesticides used on conventionally grown vegetables and fruits

  • Any medication that is not a direct form of natural herbs (ibuprofen, aspirin, lipitor etc)

  • Mercury found in amalgam fillings and fish

  • Aluminum in cookware, sodas, toothpaste, deodorant, canned foods etc.

  • Environment pollutants in the air we breathe i.e. exhaust, smoke, fumes, plastics, industrial chemicals etc.

  • Water – chemicals, synthetic fluoride, chlorine, polluted lakes, rivers, streams, often bottled water absorbs toxins from the plastic bottle itself!Most bottled water is ACIDIC!!

  • Food – herbicides, pesticides, food additives, preservatives, hydrologized vegetable protein (aka msg, vegetable oil, canola oil, sunflower oil,) etc.

  • Pesticides and fertilizers we use at home

  • any foods you can be allergic too-Dairy, gluten, etc.

YES, toxins are all around us. These substances are difficult to impossible for our bodies to digest or process. What typically happens is they put stress on the liver (the organ responsible for your body’s detoxification) then the liver will typically store those toxins into our FAT CELLS! This is the reason, if you have ever tried losing fat, you start to bloat and feel even worse at the beginning of a new diet or exercise regimen. When you start to take those fat cells and burn them as energy, you release those toxins back into the system which then leads to inflammation.

We know inflammation to be the reason our ankles swell when we sprain them and this is very helpful for us because it stops us from further injury as well as letting us know there is a problem that needs to be addressed. But inflammation can be affecting the rest of your system as well, it’s just a lot harder to recognize it when it’s in your gut or the vessels of your heart(until of course, it’s too late). Inflammation is the key factor, we now know, in the underlying reason for heart disease!! Not cholesterol or natural fat you get in your diet! Our bodies need fat and cholesterol! Cholesterol is the base for every hormone in your body, without proper hormone regulation you can suffer from any and every ailment known to man! Hormones dictate the way we sleep, the way we eat, the way we regulate our blood pressure, the way we build muscle and so much more. Cholesterol and fats are absolutely essential to a human’s well-being.

The interesting fact is that most other countries don’t have a lot of these same issues because of one main principle-they keep things natural! From the way they raise their food, the air they breath, and the purity of the water they drink. We eat so much processed food in the US and UK that our bodies are being bludgeoned with toxins on a consistent basis, which leads to chronic breakdown and chronic disease like diabetes and cancer! We fail to see that conventionally grown crops or genetically modified crops can all be considered processed!!

Cancer patients and people with other chronic illnesses all have acidic systems. We much often focus too heavily on the “cure” for cancer instead of the prevention. Why? because there is a lot more money to be made in finding a cure and much more work in preventing it from happening in the first place. The higher the pH reading, the more alkaline and oxygen rich the fluid you are testing will be. At a pH of 7.4 cancer cells become dormant and at pH of 8.5 cancer cells die. So how do we fight cancer? with proper nutrition, exercise and a fully functioning signaling system in the body.

The Brain is the master controller of the body, every health profession knows this, but i am one of the few health professionals that actually practices with this as the main concept and driving force. In its essence, cancer is uncontrolled cell growth. Whether that growth is in one spot(benign) or within the blood(blood runs through all parts of the body, when cancerous cells are in the blood they can travel ANYWHERE, we classify that as Malignant). We have cancerous cells growing in our bodies on a daily basis, all of us!! Our immune system and signaling system can typically program those bad cells to apoptosis(cell death), thus curing us of cancer. This is known and is our body’s default mechanism. When the brain cannot connect to a particular part of the body, it is unable to signal those bad cells to die. Those cells keep growing and growing until we feel it affect us. That’s when we go to our MD and are taken by surprise when we learn we have CANCER. So what changed? What did we do wrong to allow those cells to keep growing? What did we not do to allow those cells to keep growing?

Like any other monster, cancer needs the appropriate environment to live in – an acidic one where its enemy(our immune system) is unaware of the lurking danger. We can change the acidic environment with our diet. We can improve the signaling by making sure the brain and rest of the nervous system is communication full force, 100%, on all levels.

The diet part can be fixed with the help of someone educated in Metabolic Typing, my guru, Nathan Brammeier(, is awesome. For someone near your neck of the woods, contact us and we will help you find someone.

The signaling part is what i SPECIALIZE in! I make sure your nervous system is 100% in tact and free of any block or interference to allow your body to connect the signal from Brain to Body and Body to Brain. Just like any other bodily system, it’s a two-way street. I perform a non invasive procedure to allow your Brain to communicate to the rest of your body so you can function at 100% and tackle anything that comes your way.

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