1. Sleep in 1.5 hr multiples/intervals (ask about REM cycle)

Your Rapid Eye Movement(REM) Cycles last about 1.5 hrs long.  The first and last 15 minutes area light sleep.  This is when we can hear more of our environment, get up to use the bathroom or get water.


1. Stop Sitting

2. Stop Sitting

3. Stop Sitting

4. Stop Sitting

5. Stop Sitting

6. Stop Sitting

7. Stop Sitting

8. Stop Sitting

9. Stop Sitting

10. Stop Sitting


Although that would be the most effective solution...it's not very realistic in today's lifestyle.


The butt, core (lo...

September 13, 2015



“Losing weight is HARD.  Keeping the weight off is HARDER.”


Was my original mentality when it came to getting healthy.   In our society, we are told by every angle what we SHOULD be doing.  What we should be eating, how we should look, how we should be working out, h...

September 13, 2015

The business of supplements had become a HUGE industry.  But are they really effective?They can be.  My stance on supplementation is this:  If you have the right diet for you, supplements are obsolete. Something i have argued with some of my good friends about on end!...