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Arthritis & Degeneration

Arthritis in the knee, helped by fhs chiro

As with any injury, the repair of tissue is crucial, not only that it takes place but how it takes place. Arthritis is essentially the lack of proper movement.  This lack of movement comes as a result of one of the 6 joints between each bone in your back(vertebrae) sprains.  This is a lot like what happens when you sprain your ankle!


When a joint is unable to move properly, the bone compensates in order to allow some movement. When a joint is set off its track it puts pressure on the joint in a way its not made to handle.  The muscles surrounding that joint to act differently because of that change in pressure and motion. When this happens over a prolonged period of time, your body pays the toll and that lack of proper movement continues to get worse and worse.  The increased pressure forces bone growth.  When the joints of your spine can't move, your discs in between each vertebrae have to sustain the load.  This is what happens to most people who blow out their discs!


A simple adjustment can restore this proper movement as well as restore the nervous system input to the surrounding tissues (muscles and ligaments), helping to not only alleviate pain but allow you to move better.  At FHS Chiro we go beyond the adjustment and teach our clients how to properly train and condition their injured tissues to prevent that sprain from reoccuring.  This keeps you doing the things you love and out of our office for all the right reasons!


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