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Our patients range from being a couple days old to 102 years old! Keeping your nervous system functioning optimally starts day 1 at birth, the first trauma any of us initially endure. Keeping you and your family functioning at 100% and living well is the goal.


Is it safe for children?

Definitely! Children are so active and growing at an exponential rate not only physically, but mentally as well. Balancing their nervous system while still at a young age can help their bodies adjust to the growth spurts that they'll endure for the first part of their life. Learning key tools on how to take care of themselves at a young age is something that will serve them well for the future by establishing good habits.



During pregnancy, a hormone named Relaxin begins production and is taken up by the mother's body. This hormone does exactly what it sounds like- Relaxes the various tissues of the body, including the pelvis, in order to allow for an easier birthing process. Although that is helpful during birth, it also affects the other ligaments, tendons and muscles of the rest of the body, giving less stability to the hips and spine. The increased laxity can allow for extra movement in many of the joints of the body and can create interference of nerve signals. This makes it imperative to get checked regularly by your chiropractor, ensuring your body works within its limits. Not to mention, studies have shown to significantly reduce labor time for women who received regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy.


"I feel great, I don't NEED a Chiro"

Awesome! Let's keep things that way. The way we feel isn’t always a great indicator on how we are functioning.   The symptoms we feel are, typically, only a late indicator that something is wrong. Many health issues that naturally occur take time to accumulate. It's typically at about 90% of a disease's progression that we feel symptoms and by then we are just scrimmaging to get "fixed". There's something you can do NOW to help yourself out later.


"Do I have to come in for the rest of my life..."

Only if your goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After completing a care plan that is catered to their needs and goals, most patients find that being checked routinely allows them to continue functioning at a high level. With the daily grind come the stressors of day to day activities called, Life. Much like a Dental hygiene check-up, putting in a little work proactively can save you a lot of time, money and heartache in the future.


We offer chiropractic care, massage tehrapy, and exercise rehab in Edmons and Issaquah WA
We offer chiropractic care, massage tehrapy, and exercise rehab in Edmons and Issaquah WA

We act as direct providers for any auto accident or PI medpay.  


We always go above and beyond to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.  for more info on our Medical Insurance coverage, email us.

We also accet most HSA/FRA(health savings accounts) for all of our services.

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