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Compared to surgery, Chiropractic care is much less costly and has many less side effects with musculoskeletal injuries. Recent studies comparing back surgeries to chiropractic care showed that chiropractic care is approximately 7% the cost of disc herniation surgeries and that 60% of back surgery patients can find the same if not better relief from chiropractic care without surgical intervention. Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction is also a key example of musculoskeletal injuries and the joint has a disc a lot like the discs in between the vertebrae of your spine.


There are many connections, neurologic and musculoskeletal, between the upper part of your spine and your jaw.  Allowing the joints of the upper cervical spine to motion freely allows the reduced spasming of the tissues around the face and jaw.  This is why chiropractic work can be helpful with not only TML issues but meniere's disease and trigeminal neuralgia as well!


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