​We provide:

  • Chiropractic care 

  • Mobility workshops

  • Circuit/conditioning Classes

  • Functional Movement Classes

  • Movement Consulting/Training for any activity/sport

  • Trigger Point muscle therapy and Neurological Re-education

  • On-site Integrated Personal Training

  • Personal Injury care

  • Automobile Accident Rehabilitation and Recovery

Go from evaluation to adjustment/muscle work to the exercise floor in one visit.

We accept Cash, Check, and Credit Cards, as well as, all HSA/FRA(health savings accounts) for our services.  
We are Washington L&I(labor and Industries) and PIP(Personal Injury Protection) providers.
We accept most major medical insurances.  Email us with a copy of your id and insurance card for information on your medical insurance coverage.
FHS Chiro         (909) 293-8044