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What to Expect

First Visit (30 min) $100 - Exam and Treatment

On your first visit expect to spend the time with me, Dr. Job, from start to finish. 

After getting an idea of what you've been through and what you are looking for,  I'll take you through a physical movement assessment to understand your system better.  Assuming no X-ray or additional imaging is immediately necessary, which is the case 98% of the time, We'll  begin treatment immediately with adjustments to restore spinal joint motion and muscle tissue work.  

After treatment I'll go over their plan of care with you including at-home therapy(homework). The typical treatment frequency for our clients is 2 follow-up visits in the first month and from there we do what works best for that client.

Follow-Up Visit (10-20 min) -$40 - Treatment - Adjustment and Muscle Work

We'll start the visit with a short recap of where you are at with your at-home routine and goals.  We'll spend the rest of the visit in treatment and exercise therapy.  Treatment includes muscle work and adjustment.  The muscle work can include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and cupping.

At the end of the visit the we'll go over any additions to your at-home care.

Adjustment Only- $30


Restoration of spinal joint motion.

Preview Visit (10 min)

Not sure we're the right fit for you? That's understandable and appreciated.  Many people are hesitant to try another type of care because of how they feel from a past experience that didn't meet their expectations.  For others, trying something new is weird and uncomfortable and that's OK!  We know where you're coming from, we hear you.  

You can come check out the office, see how we operate, and sit down with me for a chat to see if there's something our office can help you achieve, no strings attached.  


We accept cash, credit card, e-payments like venmo and paypal, checks, FSA, HSA, and CARE credit.

We act as direct providers for any auto accident or PI medpay and will provide you with an appropriate bill for potential reimbursements from your health insurance provider.

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